16 May 2012

15 May: First week with Robert

It's getting a bit boring - Robert has the "same behaviour as Otto, Peter and Abel" - but just wait untill the geese initiate their migration to the Arctic in the last days of May - then we will most likely see a suite of various migration strategies.
Robert is named after Robert Collett (1842-1913), norwegian professor in zoology at the Zoological Museum in Oslo. He might be considered as the 'father' of norwegian ornithology. Through his own field observations and by corresponding with and collecting data from many contributors from throughout Norway in the second half of the 19th century, he compiled the information that formed the basis for the first major description of the occurrence of birds in Norway, published as three volumes in the series "Norges Hvirveldyr", a masterpiece covering  the vertebrates of the country. Collett died before the bird volumes had been finalised, and they were finished by his student Ørjan Olsen and published in 1921. Volume 3 includes a thorough desciption of the contemporary knowledge on the occurrence of the light-bellied brent geese in Norway.