16 May 2012

16 May: First week with Arner

The first weeks data from the satellite transmitter of the gander Arner show that this particular bird utilises a slightly larger part of Nibe Bredning than the others reported on so far, including some saltmarshes on the north coast of the inlet. 

Arner is named after Arner Ludvig Valdemar Manniche (1867-1957), teacher, ornithologist, zoologist and hunter, who participated in the so-called Danmark-expedition 1906-08. The primary purpose of the expedition was to map the still unknown coastline of Northeast Greenland between 77oN and 83oN, but also to initiate investigations of the meteorology, geology and nature of the region. Manniche contributed with his account of”The terrestrial mammals and birds of North-East Greenland” that was published in 1910 (Meddelelser om Grønland, Volume 45), where he describes the first observations light-bellied brent geese from Northeast Greenland, the Worlds northernmost breeding population of geese.