15 May 2012

7 May: Cannon-netting, isn’t that a major disturbance source?

Off course the birds are disturbed – but this photo illustrates it might be a minor problem. The geese in the background is a flock of light-bellied brent geese which landed on the salthmarsh 200 meters away from us and on the saltmarsh where we had just fired the net half an hour earlier 7 May 2012, and immediately after we had taken the captured geese out of the net. The geese are stored in canvas sacks until they are marked – whereafter they are stored on grass in the tunnel tents, visible in the background. If many geese are caught they would also be placed in the tents prior to handling and ringing. All caught geese are released together so paired geese and any goslings from the previous year have a chance to find each other immediately after release.
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