15 May 2012

7 May: How to lure the geese into the net?

The cannon-net we use is 20 meters x 20 meters – and seen from the air that is a tiny stamp on a large saltmarsh envelope. We use decoys to optimise a bit on our catch success. This year we bought new decoys (“specle-belly” = white-fronted geese) which were carefully repainted with spray-paints to look like light-bellied brent geese by our technician Michael Schmidt. We use modern Northamerican robot-painted decoys where one can see each individual feather. Further they have an unusual lifelike nonglossy appearance, which has no reflections in bright sunshine, as old-style decoys usually have. Our immediate impression from the first weeks use is that these decoys function as ‘magnets’ on overflying goose flocks. Combined we patience and our skilled cannon-net operator Jens Peder Hounisen we feel well prepared for catching.
Also see our blogs on last years captures on 27 April and 3 May 2011.